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Trump Says Kim Jong Un Very Open And Honorable

Trump Says North Korea Wants Meeting As Soon As Possible

Trump Spends The Weekend Lashing Out Against The Media On Twitter

North Korea Claims To Stop Nuclear Tests Ahead Of Trump Meeting

Vietnam War Refugees Deported Under Trump Struggle To Settle

U.S. & Saudi Arabia Eye 'Arab Troops' In Middle East As Trump Promises Syria Withdrawal

DNC Sues Trump Campaign, WikiLeaks & Russia Over 2016 Campaign

Trump Campaign Dismisses DNC's Election Lawsuit

DNC Sues Russia, Trump 'Co-Conspirators' Over 2016 Election Meddling

Memos; Trump Said Putin Bragged About Hookers

Memos Pull Back Curtain On Trump, Comey Tensions

Trump Claims Vindication After Comey Memos Are Released

Trump Adds Rudy Giuliani To Legal Team

Trump Gets 'Great Education' On Anti-Drug Effort

Trump Adds Former NY Mayor Rudy Giuliani To His Legal Team

Giuliani Joins Trump's Legal Team

Rudy Giuliani Joins Trump's Legal Team

Trump Firing Mueller Would 'Create A Constitutional Crisis,' Sen Warner Says

Analysis; McCabe Referral Helps Trump Attack FBI

Trump Tweets; Comey Threw McCabe 'Under The Bus'

Trump Says U.S. Fighting To Free Americans In North Korea

U.S. Ambassador To The UN Describes Her Relationship To Trump As 'Perfect'

Trump Looking To Fund 'Arab Army' In Syria – Report

Syria Air Strikes; Trump Made It Clear That He Wants Quick Consequences

Should President Trump Explain U.S. Strategy For Syria

Did Trump Have The Authority To Strike Syria 'It's A Gray Area,' Says Sen. Coons

Model Claiming Trump Secrets Pleads For U.S. Help At Thai Court

Model Who Claims To Have Secrets On Trump, Russia In Thai Court

Trump Hails Syria Strikes 'Every One Hit Target'

'Accountable To Whims Of Trump' May Faces Grilling In Parliament After Bypassing It On Syria Attack

Trump's Syria Strike Distracts Media From Internal Problems… Perfect Timing

Should Trump Have Sought Approval Before Striking Syria

Albright Says Trump Has Undemocratic Instincts

Fareed 'On Syria, Trump Morphs Into Obama'

Why Didn't Trump Go To Congress Before Striking Syria – RT Asks State Senator

'Mission Accomplished' Trump Touts Success Of Syria Strike

'Mission Accomplished' Trump Triumphant Over Syria Strikes

Trump Calls Military Action On Syria A 'Perfectly Executed Strike'

U.S. President Donald Trump On Syria Strikes

Is Trump Restoring Credibility To 'Red Line' Threat

'Trump, May & Macron See Themselves As Masters Of Mankind'

Trump Says Strikes Will Establish A Strong Deterrent Of Chemical Weapons

Trump To Iran And Russia 'What Kind Of A Nation Wants To Be Associated With A Mass Murderer'

Trump 'I Ordered The United States Armed Forces To Launch Precision Strikes'

Rep. Garamendi Says Syria Strike Outside Scope Of Trump's Power

Trump Tweets And Calls James Comey, 'Slippery' And 'Out Of Whack'

Trump Announces U.S.-Led Coalition Strikes Against Syria

U.S. House Veterans Slam Trump Tweets On Syria

'We're Exceptional, Russia Is Not' Meet Trump's Pick For The Head Of American Diplomacy

Trump Calls Former FBI Director An 'Untruthful Slime Ball'

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Thousands In U.S. Protest Trump Climate Policies

April 29, 2017 - Thousands of people across the U.S. marched Saturday to demand action on climate change - mass protests that coincided with President Donald Trump's 100th day in office. (April 29)

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