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Anti-Abortion Activists Rally In Washington, Fired Up By Trump

President Trump Addresses Anti-Abortion Rally In Washington, DC

Joint Democratic Effort Seeks Censure Of Trump

Trump 'We Will Always Defend' The Right To Life

Despite Trump's Policy, Berkeley Leads 'Sanctuary Cities' Charge

Trump Addresses Anti-Abortion Rally In Washington

NYC Protesters Denounce Trump Over Haiti

Muscovites Disappointed As Trump Fails To Improve U.S.-Russia Ties

One Year In, Trump Reinvents U.S. Foreign Policy

Trump Furious About Kelly's Wall Comments

Trump Reveals Winners Of Controversial 'Fake News Awards'

Trump's 'Fake News' Award Winners Are...

Trump Says 'Very Likely' Korean Crisis Can't Be Solved Peacefully

A Year After Trump's Deal, Carrier Workers Lose Jobs

Republican Senator Slams Trump For Attacks On Media

Sen. Flake Denounces Trump Attacks On Press

Sen. Jeff Flake Condemns President Trump's Attacks On Media

U.S. Haitians Protest Trump's Alleged 'S___hole' Countries Comment

White House Says Trump's Take On Immigration 'Colorblind'

Sanders Says Race Not Part Of Trump's Immigration Policy

White House Says Trump Immigration Laws Will Make U.S. Safer

Trump Says He Wants Immigrants From 'Everywhere'

Hundreds Protest Racism Following Trump's 'Sh__hole Countries' Comment

New Concerns Trump Will Withdraw The U.S. From NAFTA

Dem. Senators Slam Trump Meeting Remarks

Cory Booker Rips DHS Chief's 'Amnesia' Over Trump Comments

Trump Pushes Back 'No, I'm Not A Racist'

DHS Secretary Grilled Over Trump Language

Cooper Challenges Trump's 'Least Racist' Claim

Moby Says CIA Friends Asked Him To Promote Trump-Russia Stories

Haitian And Pro-Trump Crowds Rally At Mar-A-Lago

Donald Trump Says I Am The Least Racist Person

Trump Says 'I'm Not A Racist'

Trump Forced To Defend Himself After 'Shithole' Comment

Trump Defends Immigration Comments 'I'm Not A Racist'

Trump's 'Shithole Countries' Comments 'Not Only Dangerous, But Unthinkable'

African Nations Condemn Trump's 'Racist' Slur, Demand Apology

Martin Luther King III Calls Out Trump On Immigration Remarks

Moscow 'Understands' Palestinian Anger At Trump - Lavrov

Abbas Calls Trump's Peace Efforts 'Slap Of The Century'

Sen. Perdue On Trump 'He Did Not Use That Word'

Trump Blames Democrats For Impasse On Immigration Reform

Donald Trump Says Michael Wolff Is 'Mentally Deranged'

President Trump 'I'm Not A Racist'

Flake Says Trump's Attacks On Media Comparable To Soviet Union Dictator Stalin

DACA To Resume After Court Blocks Trump Administration

GOP Senator In Meeting Says Trump Did Not Use That Word

Trump Wants To 'De-Nuke The World', But Pentagon Is Planning To Upgrade Its Atomic Weapons

Iranian Protestors Thank Trump, America For Their Support

'CIA Friends' Asked Moby To Promote Trump-Russia Stories

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Trump Asks Who Paid For Tax Day Protests

April 16, 2017 - President Trump says the protestors who marched demanding that he release his tax returns were "paid for;" protesters say otherwise....

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